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In 2003 and 2004 we campaigned cars in the Grand American road race series. I became keenly aware of the parts cost and quality. Racing is a testing and proving ground for cars, drivers, teams, AND program operations. We listened and learned.

During ours pro-race sabbatical we worked at putting together a parts distribution program with two primary but interrelated focuses: to offer you a quality part at a reasonable price. Yes, money does need to be made but, if we order properly and buy in the large quantities, you also enjoy the benefits.

Our focus has been on a limited number of racing parts. We will stay away from the "trinkets and curios" and focus on some hardcore real racing parts. We remain "hands on" in an effort to minimize your struggles and aid you with installations; we have personally installed every single one of these items. This way, we become aware of any difficulty you may encounter. I have been that crew member struggling to install a part that was fighting me. Any issues we find are used to improve design or installation. Given that, we are interested in your suggestions for new items or improvements to current ones.

Though we are race based we do offer limited items that can be installed on street cars, those too are held to a stringent standard. We are about "form follows function". This translates to parts that fit and function. We are not about "fluff and show", non-functional gargantuan banana wings, sparkly spinny wheels, or the like. Although we are keenly aware of presentation and appearance, we are about functionallity. We are the business end.

In stock, we carry windshields for street 996 and 986 Boxsters. The windshields have shading at the top and a built in antenna. For our racing cliente with 996s and 997s, we offer race designed windshields; no antenna to cut off and a field of view extending to the roof (no shading). Our windshields use standard installation kits and use OEM mirrors. Both race and street are DOT approved and have been approved by Grand American Road Racing for competition use. These are optically clear and unlike lexan windshields, require no cutting of fitting nor special cleaners.

You will notice that our race windshields are sold in quantities of six. Some have inquired... WHY? Here is our operating premise. Porsches that are professionally raced, it will consume a windshield per will not need just one, this allows us to sell to you in a "quantity" for a savings. Secondly, we send the windshields banded and wrapped on a pallet. As of this writing, we have had one windshield broken in the last 100 delivered and that had been removed from the pallet! Each windshield is individually boxed and packed. For transporter travel, you will need to add side packing. We offer installation kits, trim strips and rubber seals as well. fuss no muss, ready to go.

Our ElectoLuminiscent panels were a "clean sheet" design. Yes, there is a bit of "bling" to them. They are VERY visible in low light and dark conditions; they are however extremely functional. Your car becomes very distinctive. The car is visible from the side offering additional safety. The car is visible even when the it is not under the track lights...not that any of us have been off the track.

We present to you the fruits of our endeavors, GT Series 1 performance products.


Port and Polished Oil Pumps

Camshaft Kit

996 GT3 Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper

996 GT3 Rocker Panels

996 GT3 Race Windshield - "Blems"

996 Windshield Installation Kit

986/996 Fiberglass Front Bumper

986 Rocker Panels

997 GT3 Race Windshield

Mesh Screen for Radiator Ducts/Radiators/Coolers

Heat Barrier - For Bumpers/Body Panels

Electro-Luminescent Panel Kit


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