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This is a silver 1999 996 sunroof coupe with black interior. This is a low mileage weekend car which includes: touring suspension, full leather, dual electric seats, 18" turbo look wheels, multi-disc cd changer, 6 speed transmission. These options make this car rather unique and desirable. This car is 98% original and unabused. Changes include ES-CAR-GO headers and Porsche Motorsports oil pump modification. Included is a front bra and car cover. There is a scratch on the right quarter panel (shown in the last picture). This car has never been raced or abused and has spent its sleeping hours garaged. Interested parties are welcome to personally view the car by appointment. An OBD report is supplied with the car. Asking price of $39,900.

The car is offered by Glenn Yee Motorsports, LLC of San Dimas, Calif. We are not a dealer. For questions or inquiries, we may be contacted at 909 592-1510, or by email at

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