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1987 PORSCHE 951 (944 Turbo)
Built to SCCA club racing specs. Raced in “ITE” class. Cage, cut off switch, window net, removable steering wheel, Radio PTT & more.

- chip
- radio antenna
- 1 bar boost
- recent reseal - 2003 (not raced since 2004)
- 3 sets matched forged cup wheels (set to set as well) 7's & 9's
- 1 set new Kumho Victo Racers
- 1 set new Yokohama 032R’s
- fuel cell with double dry break (100mm)
- Bilstein “Firehawk” shocks
- Weltmeister adjustable sway bars (front & rear)
- graphite bushings (rear) w/grease fittings
- adjustable rear toe
- SCCA log book
- Halon fire system
- transmission “freshened” in 2002
- torque biasing differential - radio system installed (does not include radios)

Spares: transmission with cooler, intercooler, 2 sets new front rotors, 1 set new rear rotors, clutch slave, undertray, side skirt, rebuilt torsion bar tube (matches tube installed on car), front & rear rebuildable calipers

Asking price of $27,000.00

The car is offered by Glenn Yee Motorsports, LLC of San Dimas, Calif. We are not a dealer. For questions or inquiries, we may be contacted at 909 592-1510, or by email at


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