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We specialize in the late model water-cooled line of Porsches: this includes the 997/987 family of Porsches, the 996/986 family of Porsches as well as the Cayenne line. This also includes the subcategories of GT2s, GT3s, 996 Turbos, GT3 Cups, etc. We are a full service facility that provides: servicing, preventative maintenance, suspension (including upgrades), engine service (including upgrades), transmission service (including upgrades), windshield service, body upgrades and electronic service for these vehicles. Unfortunately we are not equipped to perform services on earlier models and would suggest you contact: Scott's Independent Porsche-Anaheim or Kurtz Automotive-Monrovia. Please contact these persons directly.

We are a program specific facility and not tailored for drive-up traffic. Please browse our site and if you have interest in our services please contact us.

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Performance racing components for Porsche cars including: 996 Windshields, 997 Windshields, Boxster Windshields, 911/GT3 Performance Oil Pumps, Electroluminiscent Panels, 996 bumpers and rocker panels.

Quality German hand tools including: torque wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pullers and spanners.

Quality American made specialty tools for 996 and 986 Boxster Porsche cars.

Quality German hand tools including: torque wrenches, sockets, files, socket sets, wrench sets.

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